About Help Ukraine Refugee Family Come to the US!

US Citizen Jeff has been living in Ukraine the past few years with his Ukranian fiancee Julia and her children, Vladik, age 14, Nika, who is 11 and five year old Rostik. Their village was heavily bombed right after they escaped. Their arduous journey took them to Krakow, then Warsaw and now to Copenhagen, where they are awaiting Visas to come to the US for Julia and the children. They went to Copenhagen because the Embassy there is much less overburdened than other countries in Eastern Europe. 

On leaving their home on March 4, Jeff said, "Knowing that I had packed a couple of changes of clothes, some food and locked the door to the apartment was beyond my ability to describe. Was I leaving the apartment for the last time? Clean dishes in the dish tray, dirty laundry in the corner. For some reason, it was very important to make the bed. For me it is incredibly difficult, I can’t imagine how difficult it is for those with me. Ukraine has been home for three years but I’m not Ukrainian, I’m American."

The family needs help with housing, legal fees and travel expenses. They will likely wait in Copenhagen for 1-3 months.  Any assistance would be so appreciated! We look forward to providing updates on their journey. Thank you for your generosity!