Justice & Mercy's Annual Chocolate Cross Day                   

1. For a donation of $250.00

      This will include:

  • Chocolate cross day handout at the Lancaster County Prison [we will go into the prison - pass out chocolate crosses to all the inmates and staff, give them an Easter Card, a Christian greeting, and Prayer.
  • This will also include the Luncheon where you will be able to hear our compelling guest speakers.



2. For a Donation of $150.00: Justice & Mercy is offering the Luncheon Package:

     This includes:

  • The Luncheon at the Eden Resort. For one person.
  •  You will also hear our compelling guest speakers and testimonies from the handout at Lancaster County Prison. 

                    **Justice & Mercy’s guest speaker lineup this year includes:


If you are unable to attend our event: We ask that you consider sowing a seed into Justice & Mercy ministry.  


Become a Matthew 25/25 Partner: [Give $25.00 on the 25th day of the month for 12 months].

Justice & Mercy’s Matthew 25 core principle is embodied in Jesus’ answer to the question, “Rabbi, what is the greatest commandment of all”, to which Jesus replied, “Love thy neighbor with all your heart”. The Matthew 25 mission is to follow Jesus' words by ministering to inmates and their families; whether physically, emotionally, psychologically, or otherwise, to shepherd them through the criminal justice system. Your Christian love, your generosity, and your prayers will allow us to not only continue this ministry but also to expand it, reaching out to still more inmates and their families who would otherwise do not have a voice or advocate for them in the legal arena.


    For your generous automatic monthly donation, Justice & Mercy will:

·         Give you reserved seating at all of our events

·         Priority signup for our events

·         And a gift from Justice & Mercy to You!