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From the award-winning film “Bring Them Home” to American Unmade the series. 

Unknown to many Americans, the deportation of thousands of U.S. military veterans is a practice that has persisted for decades. Swept in the chaos of American immigration policies, some veterans have found themselves deported for life, even after serving honorably in war zones around the world.

Upon creating the song “Excuse My Accent,” performing artist and humanitarian Rob Young, stumbled on the harrowing story of Hector Barajas, a US deported veteran. After learning his complex story of how a veteran can be deported, Rob’s team decided to create a short documentary named “Bring Them Home.”

The documentary became a great success, winning multiple film festival awards. “Bring Them Home” stoked the hearts and minds of people in both the film industry and within our US government. So much so, it was well received by US Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, during his visit to the Social Justice Museum event in 2022.

Committed to using this art form as a rallying cry and more importantly as a tool for creating solutions, our Excuse My Accent team began partnering with organizations such as the ACLU SoCal, Immigrant Defenders Law Center, Deported Veterans Support House and Black Deported Veterans of America

Excuse My Accent is now devoted to furthering the conversation by continuing to host film screenings and panel discussions to continue to bring awareness to the deported veteran issue and expand to our next phase, creating the “American Unmade” docu-series. 

Our goal is not only to inform, but to continue working with organizations, advocates, and politicians, to help get legislative changes made to make sure deported veterans have a pathway to citizenship.

We need your help.

With your charitable contribution, you’ll help make it possible for us to continue spreading awareness by hosting more “Bring Them Home” film screenings, panel discussions and begin the production of the upcoming docu-series “American Unmade.”

American Unmade is a 10 episode docu-series that takes a look into the lives of deported veterans and sparks a bipartisan conversation with a simple question: If veterans, who are sacrificing their lives for the love of the United States of America can be exiled - what does it truly mean to be American?

Following the award-winning docu-short, BRING THEM HOME,  American Unmade follows the intense, inspiring, and infuriating look at the laws and politics that created the problem, those affected, and the individuals and organizations working to solve the issue. With 18 million veterans in the United States, 45 million immigrants, and an entire nation that supports its troops; American Unmade appeals to a wide bi-partisan audience. American Unmade explores the journeys of men and women who fought for a country that does not fight for them.

Our small and mighty team has been utilizing personal funds and counting on favors with a true commitment to being a part of the change. We have taken it as far as we can. Now we need your help. 

The fight to rewrite an American wrong is happening now! We want to capture it and be a part of the solution. At any given moment there can be a new development needed for our team to capture, or an opportunity to screen the Bring Them Home film, to help build awareness. We are inviting you to be involved in the making of this inspiring and informative documentary series, by supporting our ongoing plight.

Together and with your support, your contribution will help us launch the series pilot. Plus, we are inviting you to be a part of changing American history! You will be rewarded in helping to spread awareness and bring the necessary resolution to the complex issue of deported veterans.

Your contributions will go towards travel for our team to conduct awareness events, production crew expenses, the rental of event locations, as well as costs associated with launching social media awareness campaigns. Any amount is welcome, even 15 dollars can result in approximately 1000 eyes on this issue.


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Rob Young is an award-winning filmmaker, music artist, social entrepreneur, and humanitarian. As the founder of Excuse My Accent, Dream Roots Creative, and CEO of Young World Media, he focuses on creating platforms that invoke change through music and film,  while spearheading inner cultural non-profit initiatives. 

Through his commitment to spreading awareness of social issues, Rob has been a formative speaker on DE&I and a creative visionary for many organizations including the Washington State Department of Equity, the first ever in United States government history. |


Daniel Torres is the first deported veteran to gain his citizenship in American history.  A former U.S.Marine who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Daniel has been an advocate for deported veterans for a decade. Now a screenwriter living in Salt Lake City, his story has been featured in San Diego News Tribune , The Guardian, LA Times, and more.

Elaine Carmody is an award-winning filmmaker with extensive experience working in the film industry. Elaine stood as Executive Producer for Bring Them Home film. Having worked on multiple scripted and commercial productions, her personal and professional producer roster includes clients such as Intel, Swarovski, Mitsubishi, Defiant Images, Yvonne Orji, to name a few.

Steve Baughman is a classically trained musician who was adopted into a family of music teachers in Sacramento, California. He developed a love for producing early in life, recording his friends on a 4-track, using his closet as a sound booth. Steve studied music at California State University, Chico, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Recording Arts. He then moved to Los Angeles in 1995 and worked his way through the studios, eventually earning a Grammy and working with multi-platinum artists such as Michael Jackson, The Pussycat Dolls, Usher, 50 Cent, Destiny's Child, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and many others. In 2015 Steve co-founded Next Level Mastering where he continues to mix and master today’s biggest artists.

Michael is President and Head of Strategy at DRC - Advocate. He is responsible for our company’s oversight and spearheads client marketing and communications initiatives. Michael spent the last 15 years in the digital media and multicultural marketing and communication space. He’s held senior positions at top agencies and served in several executive marketing roles at multiple global brands. He is a natural storyteller and has led several award-winning marketing initiatives throughout his career.  

Michael is passionate about social issues and ensuring that all people of color, backgrounds, and gender expression have a voice. Born in Los Angeles in a Mexican-American home, he learned at an early age that equity and inclusion were a foundational part of life. He is an active member of the LGBTQ+ community and has worked with several community organizations including, The Trevor Project, GLAAD, and The Human Rights Campaign.