The 1550 Partners Fund is a fun way for supporters to participate in Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary's 155th Anniversary! Make your contribution in multiples of 155:






You get the idea!

Why participate? JCSTS was established in April 1867 by Presbyterians who believed that education was an essential antidote to the poisonous effect of slavery.  One hundred fifty five years later, JCSTS is delivering a contemporary education designed with a similar goal in mind--as an antidote for the ongoing, deeply-rooted, poisonous effects of racism. This is faithful work worthy of your support. 

Join us today as a 1550 Partner! Doing so will affirm the seminary's staff in its work and gain you VIP access to all JCSTS programs and special events through the end of 2023. Just be sure to identify yourself as 1550 Partner at the time of your registration. 

Thank you so much for your participation!