About Remembering Reka

Shamara Hunter who was a gift to EVERYONE who encountered her!!!

Reka, had a heart and passion for the youth and specifically young girls????????! Reka, was dedicated to the Kingdom and never left anyone out!!!! It was because of her “due diligence” that I found Restoration House International when I needed it the MOST!!! I was restored because she constantly ignored my “No’s” about coming to church????????????!!!
Reka, was the founder of Beyond the Beyouty, where her goal was to empower youth to understand that society’s definition of beauty does not define YOU!!! We miss you Reka????????????????????BUT, rest assure, we have your front, back and sides??
This scholarship will be awarded to a teen mom, who continues to GET BACK UP!!!! ????????????????
1. We will celebrate this mother by
2. supplying diapers, (if needed)
3. clothes,
4. a spa day (mom’s need love too)
5. A stipend towards an identified bill ????????