About Three Little Birds Fund

The Cross- Country Tour:

Shane will ride his 2011 Harley Road Glide across the country in June 2022. He will leave Appleton and head East, arriving outside of Washington, DC. At that point he will head West.  In honor of Mike, Shane will take as many Blue Highways as possible. Blue Highways are known as the more scenic route, not Interstates.

After making his way to the Golden State, California, he will ride Hwy 1 up and through San Francisco. Over to the great State of Montana and then back East, home to Wisconsin around the holiday weekend of the 4th of July. The total Trip will be approximately 6,300 Miles.  Shane hopes to meet many people on his trip and share Mike’s Memory and the Mission of his trip. He hopes he inspires people to contribute and to understand the crippling effect that medical debt can have on individuals and families.

Mike’s Story

Mike Pfefferle loved adventure and fun. Mike was known for taking the back roads, discovering new haunts and hidden fishing streams. He loved the outdoors.  His friend group was far and wide, but his high school friends were still his best. Mike and his friends shared the love of fishing, sports, the Packers, music and mischief.  His family and faith were his backbone and source of strength. His wife, Lydie, and 3 Children: Charlie, Sam and Chloe, are all the loves of his life. Hence the title of this Fund: 3 Little Birds.  His extended family was woven into his fabric. His relationship with his sisters, Anne and Amy, were ones of lifelong best friends not just siblings. And his love and adoration for his mother and father were unparalleled.  

Mike Pfefferle passed away July of 2021. His passing left a huge whole in the hearts of his family, friends and the community.  Shane Lathrop met Mike in High School and remained friends until his passing.  In honor of Mike’s Adventurous spirit, love of back roads and good times; Shane will honor Mike by taking a Cross Country Motorcycle Tour while raising funds to support our community. This Tour will raise funds for the Community Benefit Tree and will assist families struggling with medical debt.  When someone gets sick, they should be able to focus on getting healthy, not bills. The Pfefferle Family believes strongly in community and giving back and we hope to grow this fund annually.