About ExpansionCampaign

In the summer of 2021, the Mariposa Family Learning Center voted to take over the Montopolis Friendship Community Center building located right next door, known as the “Centennial Building”. We are going to use the space as offices, a teacher resource room, a family programming space, and a community hall.  The building needs extreme remodeling and updating to comply with current permitting requirements.


As our first impression of the neighborhood, the exterior landscaping, yard, and playground should reflect the beauty and utility that families deserve, and the interior should be a place of comfort, safety, and play for the Mariposa community. We have carefully planned the space to help us create an environment where teachers can provide the best possible care and education for young children. We are just in need of resources for the special project.   


The most critical component of remodeling or upgrading our center is to plan and budget for the refurbishment, equipment, and furnishings needed for the variety of support spaces that our childcare center needs. These spaces include:    


Reception area

Multi-Facility "Rainy Day" Classroom/ Indoor gross motor space  (see below)


Staff Room

Parent resource room 

Laundry room  




Altogether the renovation of the Centennial building to include the above-mentioned amenities will make Mariposa a reliable, resourceful, and beautiful space for the families of the center, their children, and the community. Our admin team needs space for work and private confidential conversations with staff and families. The teachers need space to rest and relax from the classroom and to access additional toys and material, create projects and plans for the classrooms, meet with each other, and hold conferences with parents. The rainy-day room is essential to any center as a space where volunteers can lead large group activities such as Music and Movement or Mindfulness sessions. It will also serve as a play space when the weather prevents the children from being outdoors. There is a kitchen facility that could be upgraded to prepare hot meals for the children that need to be renovated to comply with current permitting requirements.   


The facility - just like the first building that was given to Mariposa - was given by the Montopolis Center and by the City of Austin to Mariposa in its current decaying state. To build or remodel a building in Austin is hard as builders are experiencing rising interest rates and higher costs for construction materials. According to the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), even two years after the start of the pandemic, the construction industry is experiencing soaring materials costs and supply chain problems.


In Mariposa we have the great necessity to be looking for funds for our daily operations, to run the center, to subsidize the tuition for the children; but we also need to find the resources for our expansion project and this building requires SIGNIFICANT and URGENT help.  That is the reason we are seeking your help.  Please DONATE. All donation are Tax Deductible.