About 2022 Montana Youth Veteran Hunt


Welcome to Outdoors Network International (ONI). ONI is an organization that focuses on developing whole-some relationships with people who have a passion for the outdoors and are searching for their purpose and place in life. We are family based and many of our activities are directed toward kids. It is our belief that one of the best ways to impact people in positive ways is through the rich experience of being in the outdoors. We find that hunting, fishing, camping, etc., provide great opportunities to do this; therefore we seek to promote these types of activities.

Thank you for your interest in the annual ONI Youth Hunt which will be held from October 20—October 30, 2022 the first week of the deer and elk general big game season. The hunt provides a full experience, from beginning to end, you only need to provide your personal gear and you can choose to participate for the number of days that best fits your schedule.

Either someone has given you this application or you have requested it in order to apply for the hunt. We will review each application and select the individuals that we feel meet the necessary qualifications.

In order for you to qualify you must be age 10 or older and have taken or are planning to take Hunter Safety Education before the fall hunting season. We also require that you write a one page essay (on 8 ½ x 11 paper) that describes why you are interested in this opportunity. Once the applicants are selected, we will contact each one and make arrangements to meet them and their families. Before hunting season we will also practice at a shooting range. If you don’t have a gun, there is no need to worry, our organization has guns available for you to use. All adult volunteers will complete a background check prior to participating.

Please complete the application and essay and return them to the above address. If you have any questions, you are welcome to call us at (406) 360-6018. We look forward to receiving your application.


Outdoors Network International Inc.