About Support Queer Maps

Campaign for Queer Maps 2.0 is here

Queer Maps is an explorable archive built to preserve and share histories of LGBTQ+ spaces, organizations, etc. in Los Angeles from 1871 → today.  We stage interventions, commission new artwork, and produce events that engage directly with this history.

This mapping technology can be applied to other cities, and we hope to engage other cities to archive their spaces and contribute to their own maps.

Queer Maps is project of the Fulcrum Arts' Emerge Fiscal Sponsorship Program. This project is completely reliant on donations from folks like you -- all donations are tax-deductible.

Our costs:

  • online database development, server costs, and maintenance
  • labor to add new content, edit and maintain current content
  • expansion to other cities

With your help we can keep the map alive by continuing to add data, identifying trends, deepening credit and attributions, expanding to new cities, and providing the ability for users to create custom maps.

We are currently accepting volunteers for social media, data wrangling, and more.