About Activating People, Businesses, & Communities

As a disruptive, non-profit start-up located in Richmond, CA - one of the most economically, politically, educationally, ego, and equity-challenged communities in the San Francisco Bay Area - the odds for success were already stacked against CoBiz. Yet, in only three years, even with Covid-19, we were able to establish CoBiz as a trusted brand and an affordable hub for entrepreneurs, professionals, creatives, elders, returning citizens, students, and civic leaders to be productive, network, collaborate, thrive, hold events, and much more. With a full-time staff of 3 managing 9,000 sq ft, members, non-members, events, programs, grocery giveaways, and more, we do a lot with a little, as exhibited in the infographic below. With that said, it is not sustainable which is why we seek your support for Giving Tuesday to help us ensure that CoBiz is around for generations to come and more importantly, that we are able to optimize the effectiveness of our efforts.   For these reasons, we appreciate your financial support and encourage you to tell a friend about CoBiz. 

2021 High-Level Report