About The Magic Grove 2022

With a cast comprised almost entirely of children ages 6 to 18, The Magic Grove is a Ballet and Character dance performance that brings to life a 13th-century Persian folktale of love and kindness.

Set on Steppes of Central Asia, The Magic Grove follows the adventures of Rahim, a shepherd, who is in love with the farmer's daughter, Gulbahar.  After the Khan's soldiers arrive and destroy everything, Gulbahar's family invites Rahim's family to share their humble hut and farm with them.  While preparing the soil, a treasure is found that eventually leads to the marriage of Gulbahar and Rahim.  Wondering what to do with the treasure, Gulbahar suggests planting trees to make a welcoming home for birds and animals.

Later, Rahim travels to the city, where he is to purchase the seedlings, but instead is captivated by a caravan of beautiful birds destined for the Khan's dinner.  He purchases them and sets them free.  After Rahim returns home, his family agrees that he made the right choice.  That night while everyone is asleep, the birds, led by the mythical Simurgh, return to plant seedlings that magically grow overnight.  Suddenly, the Khan's soldiers return and are defeated by the birds as the family welcomes those seeking peace and safety to their magic grove.

It is said that the magic grove still exists but nobody knows where it is.