About Donate to Bombshelltoe Policy x Arts Collective

Bombshelltoe Policy x Arts Collective (
is a coalition of nuclear policy experts, historians, scientists, activists, and artists working to create projects that encourage young people to become active global citizens and support nuclear disarmament. It is one of the few research entities presenting research and creative work at the international (United Nations); national (US Dept of State and other USG institutions); state / private (museums such as MoMA PS1, The MET, Wende Museum, others) and community (grassroots activist and artist spaces) levels simultaneously. Nuclear weapons are not a thing of the past – their existence reverberates into our present and futures. By making nuclear history and policy accessible and showing its connections with other social and environmental issues, Bombshelltoe opens the doors for everyday people to join the fight against nuclear weapons.

Supporting Bombshelltoe Policy x Arts in 2024 and 2025 will directly benefit the following community projects:

  • Peace Pen Foundry (a creative writing group transforming foreign policy knowledge into compelling,
    approachable stories)
  • Ways of Knowing (Multimedia research project on the impact of uranium mining in Navajoland)
  • Atomic Terrain (Gardening workshops exploring the connections between environmental justice and
    nuclear weapons legacy)