About Make Your Trainer Sweat Gold

The Make Your Trainer Sweat event donates 100% of donations, specifically for DIPG research to Children’s Hospital in Denver.  In 2021 this event raised $12,500 with just one trainer. This year we have 25 trainers from northern Colorado, and a handful of trainers from Wyoming coming together to make a difference.

Why are we raising funds for DIPG? We’re doing it in memory of Stella. Stella Beard was diagnosed with DIPG, an inoperable and uncurable rare type of brain cancer in 2016.  She passed away in 2017, just 4 months into her battle. Her life was cut short but her memory remains strong. Her family created StellaStrong, a way to continue her legacy. Government funding in the amount of a measly $300 is given annually for DIPG research.  As you may have put together there is not much scientists can do with just 300 dollars a year.  Funding for such types of cancer come from private and non profit organizations such as Stella StrongTHIS IS WHY your donations play a huge part in finding a cure for this type of childhood cancer. It is up to us to make a change and help them find a cure. 

Yes, you can just donate without making your trainer sweat, but why do that? If your trainer is offering their body to this great cause, let’s see how much we can make him or her sweat. How many times have you been made to sweat? It’s payback time for a good cause.

How does it work? It’s a two-fold process. First step, click on the donation link and add a comment with your trainer's name. Second step, fill out the Sweat Pledge Form and return to your trainer by Thursday, March 24th so they are aware of what their work out will be on Saturday, March 26th. If all goes well, this could be their greatest challenge with the greatest return to those in need.

 We will fight with the kids who are fighting Childhood Cancer.  We will fight for those who cannot fight.  We will fight because our children are worth more than 4% of the billions of dollars the government spends annually on cancer research. This month we all raise our vibration, open our hearts, and Go Gold for Childhood Cancer. 

Download the Sweat Pledge Form HERE (scroll to the bottom of the page to download the PDF).

Make Your Trainer Sweat 
Exercise Cost per Rep#RepsTotal Donation
Box Jumps$3.00

Push Up's$3.00



Rowing$3.00 per Calorie


Pull Up's$5.00