About Donate to the 1,000 Hands Campaign

We are the experts in helping black girls achieve full confidence in who they are, building success stories through entrepreneurship and investing.

Your helping 'hand' donation will assist in guiding Project DIVA Int'l girls to have a stronger sense of self-love, self-worth, and an understanding of financial literacy through our academies. Our movement entails scaling Project DIVA Int'l to 1,000 girls within and outside of the Twin Cities, and this movement challenges our girls to  step up, to be challenged, take on new opportunities, and find their voice in spaces.

By joining hands your donation of $100 assists our organization with providing our girls with:

1) An Aviation Club (valued at $12,000 per girl) that leads to their pilots licenses.

2) An Entrepreneur Club (valued at $1500 per girl) that leads to them opening businesses.

3) Drivers Education (valued at $350 per girl) that leads to their drivers licenses.

4) Our Auntie Dates (valued at $75 per leader/girl) that ensure they have women to talk to personally.