About July!

Dear Friend,


Are you ready for the heat of summer? Many of us see summer as the opportunity for summer vacations, days in the pool, holiday get togethers, and many other recreational activities. For many of our neighbors the summer is about trying to find a place to escape the heat and get the basic resources to survive. When you add to this that summer is our most difficult time of year, financially, you can readily see, we need your help.


The Union Gospel Mission makes options available for those looking for relief. Unfortunately, due to the recent loss of a facility we have been utilizing for 12 years, we are now down 8 beds from where we were. This leaves us only 11 beds and all of our G.R.A.C.E. Discipleship Program beds are full! We have recently purchased a piece of property that we can use to reopen an additional 8-12 beds, but there are challenges we must overcome!

We now have a waiting list of clients seeking positive changes to their lives, in need of nourishing meals and a reasonably comfortable place to sleep. We need two single wide mobile homes to replace the units there that were condemned when we purchased the property. These do not need to be "new" just in decent shape where we can use them to impact lives! Would you help either financially, in spreading the word, or sharing information? It takes all of us to create eternal change!


Every bed we can add allows us to help a hurting person, your partnership with us allows the Union Gospel Mission to continue "Meeting Needs, Making Change, and Magnifying Christ!"



Serving Christ and the Community,

Rev. Jon Rector

Executive Director


P.S.  Won’t you prayerfully consider sending a substantial gift as soon as possible!