About Help Us with Transportation!

K94KIDS needs help transporting dogs. A majority of the dogs used in K94KIDS are dogs from the shelter, currently to have enough dogs for the program, a few shelter volunteers and Founder Robert Yurosko transport dogs to and from the shelter. This can make things difficult because sometimes we don't have enough people to help transport dogs for our program. Our goal to solve this issue is to get a van for K94KIDS, this will help us significantly!! Having a van would allow K94KIDS to deal with the transportation all together and would allow us to pick up all the needed dogs all at once and we wouldn't need to rely on anyone else. The van would also help us transport our foster dogs.

We want to get a 2023 Ford Transit Cargo Van 148 WB Long 250 High Roof 4-Door RWD Van StandardEquipment

It would be big enough to transport all the dogs we need in crates for when we do K94KIDS.