About AJ

AJ has a medulloblastoma, brain cancer, that has returned for a third time. His initial diagnosis was December 8, 2017, just before his 10th birthday. He relapsed on May 5, 2020, and now for the third time has relapsed again on April 6, 2022. He started chemotherapy again and due to all the past chemotherapy treatments, his kidneys can’t process the protein very well. He also travels far for dialysis treatment twice a week, in addition to the chemotherapy.

AJ is able to eat on his own but has a feeding tube for supplemental feeding due to the nausea and weight loss from treatment, while incorporating healing modalities into his care. With all the driving his parents have to do getting him to and from his appointments and treatments daily, the bills have been continuing to add up. AJ's mom is not able to work and bring in income so that she can take care of AJ and his needs everyday.

We have been helping them under our medical & home assistance program. Please consider donating to help AJ and his parents to get through cancer yet another time.