About 2022 Tutus and Ties Fun Run

2022 Tutus and Ties Fun Run 


What does it mean to you to be an adult?  Most likely it means having autonomy from your parents, earning wages and providing for your own basic needs, having your own space.  That is certainly what it means for the adults who are thriving in the AIM community, although such a “normal” adult experience seemed like an unachievable dream for them when they were growing up.

The challenges they faced—difficulty with math and reading, physical challenges with fine motor skills, intellectual disabilities that mean complex concepts are tough to grasp, social isolation, language difficulties—meant that their parents envisioned their children needing to be enveloped in a protective cocoon throughout their lives.  But it turns out our children didn’t need a cocoon, they needed wings.

The 6th annual Tutus and Ties Fun Run is the opportunity for Austin-area businesses to provide “wings” such as transportation to work and social activities, fitness activities, learning opportunities, and a sense of belonging.  AIM does not charge a fee for these services, so we rely entirely on fundraising to provide these essential supports and services, these wings that have allowed AIMers to fly out of their parent’s nests and live their own adult lives.

Event Details:

·         Sunday, October 2nd 9:00 am

·         Lakeway City Park

·         6th annual Tutus and Ties Fun Run and Silent Auction

       The course:  Put on your tie or tutu and walk the short 1.2 mile family-friendly course that includes 6 fun activity stations along the way.  For those who prefer to bypass the stations, there is an option for a self-timed 5K run or walk.

Goal:  As AIM’s biggest fundraiser of the year, we have set a goal of raising $37,000 with this year’s event.

See our additional information to learn how you can help AIMers thrive by sponsoring this year’s event.  If severe weather or pandemic restrictions occur resulting in our event being rescheduled or cancelled, we regret that we will not be able to refund donations.