About The SNMMI Grants and Awards

For over five decades ERF has supported the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging's members with grants, awards, and scholarships.  With the exception of very few other awards, ERF is the sole source of the SNMMI Grants Program. Each year we provide close to $300,000 to the SNMMI to provide grants, awards and scholarships to its members. Gifts to this fund support:

Major Research Grants

  • SNMMI Molecular Imaging Research Grant for a Junior Academic Faculty
  • SNMMI Postdoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program
  • SNMMI Predoctoral Molecular Imaging Scholar Program
  • SNMMI Nuclear Medicine Pilot Research Grants


  • Young Investigator (Council) Awards
  • CMIIT Laboratory Professionals Awards
  • Loevinger Berman Award (MIRD Committee)
  • Abstract Awards
  • Fellowships

Travel Awards

  • SNMMI Travel Awards
  • JNM YIA Best Paper Travel Awards
  • SNMMI Technologist Section Awards


  • JNMT Best Paper
  • Outstanding Technologist and Educator Awards
  • Abstract Awards
  • SNMMI-TS Bachelor’s Degree Scholarships
  • SNMMI-TS Advanced Practitioner Scholarships
  • SNMMI-TS Master’s Degree Scholarships