About Tikkun Olam Open House (Sept. 18th)

You're invited to our Tikkun Olam Open House!

Join us to find out how to make a difference in the world with one of Contra Costas Midrasha's popular programs: Hamsa Fund, Project Ezrach, and Better Together! Come see what they're all about, which is the right fit for you, and how you can make a difference globally and locally.

About these Programs:

  • Hamsa Fund empowers teens to run their own philanthropic organization - raising money for an issue they pick, then funding non-profits doing work in the area they want to change.  
  • Project Ezrach (means citizen in Hebrew) enables teens to become changemakers - picking an issue to learn about, do service for, and advocate about - with a strong emphasis on community service.
  • Better Together/B'Yachad connects elders and teens for intergenerational learning - alleviating loneliness, stress, and creating meaningful relationships.

All three of CCM's Tikkun Olam (meaning 'repair the world') programs give teens a place to connect with their Jewish peers to discuss the relationship between social action and their Jewish identities and to learn the tools they need to continue making a difference in the world into the future.


When: September 18th from 4:00-7:00pm (Vegetarian dinner will be provided for the teens at 530pm)

Where: Walnut Creek (address to be emailed after registration)

Who: Jewish teens

What: Our teen leadership teams and educators have lots to share with you! You'll learn about  Hamsa Fund, Project Ezrach, & Better Together - how we make difference all while meeting other like-minded teens. We'll be doing an activity using consensus decision-making (Participants make decisions by agreement rather than by majority vote) which is why we're asking for a small donation. The donation funds will go to a non-profit of the Open House participant's choice. 

For Parents: Parents are invited to join the Open House from 6-7pm for an information session about both Tikkun Olam programs.

We hope to see you there!

Questions? Reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].