About Red Campion presents True Colors May 2024

Join Red Campion (4 singers and a pianist) as they explore the idea of inclusion. Performing songs from musical theatre and popular genres, the program asks the question, “What does inclusion mean?” Through songs like, You Have to Be Carefully Taught, World's Apart, and The Rainbow Connection, among other favorites, Red Campion focuses on inclusion, being yourself, and how important acceptance is in today’s world. A timely message for today’s young people – it will inspire discussions long after the show is over. The singers are professionals from northeast Ohio; Lara Troyer, soprano; Denise Milner Howell, mezzo soprano; Timothy Culver, tenor; Brian Keith Johnson baritone; Judith Ryder, piano. 

Curriculum Connection: Emotional component-discuss feelings represented in the show by the actors. What made them feel this way? Question to children—do you ever feel this way? ELA/Language/Poetry-Entire story is told through a re-written version of Dr. Seuss “Sneeches” book. The rhythm and rhyming scheme were kept consistent with the original. Creativity / Rhythm—children are asked to clap on the beat of the song; play percussion instruments with singers; sing along with the singers in the chorus section of a song.

Equipment Needed: Piano or keyboard, microphone and podium.

Concerts Available: 8

Please note that these concerts can only be offered to schools requesting two concerts on the same day.