About Busia, Kenya Rainwater Harvesting

We have been working with Bishop Jacob Khabenga in Busia, Kenya, on filtration for their local water system, and received word the local water source had dried up.   I have known Jacob for over 15 years. His work in his village is significant for each individual. He serves the health and the spirit of each member of the Busia Community.

Solutions were assessed for sustainability, cost and education value. Members of Global Water Works, Raj Rajaram and Greg Chick worked with Jacob to develop a plan to collect rainwater from this fall rainy season to sustain the orphanage children and teachers through the next dry season.  Alternatively, the nearest water source is Lake Victoria - approx. 6 Km away from the village.


A local plumber and contractor have agreed to complete the installation and filtration system, and have estimated the total need for products and labor for completion of the project  is $3,500.  This project and Jacob's school footprint will support the capture of as much as 50,000 liters to carry the students and teachers through the next dry season without having to walk for water. 

With the rainy season around the corner, there is a level of urgency to get everything funded and installed, so any donation will help!  And your participation ensures Global Water Works and WOW Action Forum's Rain Reach extends to Kenya.