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The Archives of San Francisco Cinematheque documents the organization’s 60+ year history of exhibiting artist-made film and video and of cultivating the international field of non-commercial artist-made cinema. Cinematheque’s archival collections contain information (in physical and digital formats) on thousands of films, hundreds of individual artists, hundreds of exhibiting organizations and the curatorial and administrative history of San Francisco Cinematheque itself. Find more information on these Archives here.


Developing and maintaining physical and digital archives—not to mention providing research access—is extremely resource intensive, with staffing, web hosting and materials costs funded almost exclusively through donations received from individuals in Cinematheque’s communities. Donations in support of Cinematheque’s Archives will support Archives staffing, web hosting and the material care of physical collections. All donations (from modest to extravagant) are hugely appreciated and will take us a long way toward the further development of these Archives into publicly accessible (and online) resources. 

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MEMBERSHIPS, available at varying levels (details here), provide “perks and privileges”—discount/free admission to screenings, discounts on purchases from our online store, waived CROSSROADS festival entry fees and more. Memberships are not tax-deductibleDONATIONS, which can be given at any amount, do not provide “perks” to the giver and are 100% tax-deductible.

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San Francisco Cinematheque is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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