About V4A Balozi Club Program

V4A Balozi Club Program supports Vitendo4africa projects through social, educational and fundraising events.  V4A Ambassador is anyone who is committed to V4A mission, goals, and values. These individuals work in the organization as volunteers, mentors, board members and community advocates. As mission ambassador, you are out talking about the causes you support and the mission of the organization you belong to.  

Who Can Be a Mission Ambassador?

Anyone who believes in the overall mission of Vitendo4africa is eligible to become a Mission Ambassador. These are people who volunteer their time, sit on boards, donate money, attend events, and work to meet the same goal that Vitendo4africa was created to meet.

What Are the Benefits of Brand Ambassadors?

As Mission ambassadors, you are able to emotionally connect with our donors. 

Mission Ambassadors add value, meaning and purpose of the organization. 

FREE Balozi t-shirt and one ticket of V4A annual Dinner

They're the people who can turn one-time donors into lifelong donors. They help others see the vision of V4A

In addition to facilitating conversation about why the cause needs financial investment, mission Ambassadors also help cultivate a base of volunteers and supporters who will go on to do their own brand ambassadorship for v4a

Network with fellow mission ambassadors who share interest in diversity.

Engage with other cultures through food, presentations, and program updates

Develop leadership skills working in different committees. 

Plan & attend fun social and educational events

Receive a monthly newsletter with information from V4A programs and activities.

Serve as a V4A ambassador within the community.

Some travel opportunities to volunteer at international service projects

How Can Mission Ambassadors Make a Difference?

1. Social Media

Mission ambassadors don't need 15,000 followers to make an impact. They just need to have an engaged group of people who are also willing to spread the word. Ambassadors can quickly share V4A information with their followers. Create images to share or a hashtag for our events to help provoke engagements.

2. Networking or Speaking Engagements

Not all of your ambassadors will feel comfortable sharing our contents all the time. We encourage ambassadors to share messages in a way that is most comfortable for them. You represent V4A at networking or fundraising events, conferences, or wherever people are engaged.  

3. Blog Posts

Every month, approximately 60 million new blog posts are published, and 409 million people view 22 billion pages. Are any of your already blogging or interested in blogging? Please write something about V4A and link it back to V4A website,  Not only would this help increase our presence among your networks, but the linking will also get Google's attention. 


Contact Geoffrey Soyiantet – [email protected]

Become a V4A member: 

 V4a Monthly Giving Society Name: The Balozi {Ambassador} Society

EDUCATOR: 20 hours/month - Receive a formal volunteer job description to serve onsite or remotely

CARETAKER : $50/month - Support 1 student in STEM programming and character education

REBUILDER  : $100/month - Provide healthcare services and managed referrals to our families

REFORMER  : $250/month - Keep staff in place to advocate for the population/affect legislation

HOST FAMILY:  $500/month - Stabilize a family with employment navigation, healthcare, etc

Attend quarterly meetings

Plan social & fundraising events in support of V4A.

Volunteer at V4A fundraising events

Follow V4A on Facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter @vitendo4africa