About Sundance 2022

Greetings Sundance Community, 

Cante waste’ nape ciyuzapo! We greet you from our hearts. 

Relatives, it is good to be making this connection with you.  The time and space which exists among us has been vast.  What initiations have you experienced since our last times together?  What initiations and transformations are you in now?  Whatever path(s) your journey has gone, we pray your walk is good.  We pray for your wellbeing in all ways.  We pray you feel the guidance of your ancestors on your back. 

For us, our Sundance community lives in our minds' broadest sight, and we see each of you standing in the shade of the sacred arbor with your hearts singing the sounds of our Sundance prayers to our sacred Mother Tree.  Transforming. Healing. Transmuting. Praying. Repeat. 

Here we are in 2022, and we are still amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic and are aware that we still need to take precautions to ensure the safety of our community. We are also aware of the importance of our deep connection with Mother Earth and Sundance. Therefore, Kunsi Keya will host Sundance at Kunsi Keya, accepting a cohort of 35 supporters and Dancers for this year’s ceremony.  Please be advised we will not require proof of vaccination at this year's ceremony.

Currently we have 20 confirmed participants.  If you feel committed to participate in this years’ ceremony, we invite you to register using this Sundance 2022 Registration Form as soon as possible.  If you are unable to participate in the ceremony with us on the land, we know you will be with us; supporting us with your spirit and your prayers. We need you.

We look forward to this years’ sacred Sundance prayer and to being with you all, in person or in spirit, as we support our Sundancers’ journey to the sacred Kunsi Keya land and mother tree. 

Hiya Mitakuyasin.

Unci Beverly Littlethunder and Lushanya