About Shreveport, Louisiana

Terrance Winn is part of the core After Incarceration community and is the founder of Priorities Intentions and Practical Exchanges (PIPE). He served +30 years in Angola, and has emerged as a local leader and national ally for social justice since his release. In 2021, After Incarceration leaned into his lived experience to grow our collective efficacy; today, we would like to do the same thing for him. 

Terrance is developing a model of civic engagement that centers on systems-impacted people. His latest effort involves a routine gathering of formerly incarcerated community members–Outstanding Kings & Queens (OKQ)–to face each other’s struggles and celebrate each other’s successes, together. The gatherings have inspired people to share their truth, to share their vulnerabilities without fear, and to trust in the human connections they create.

Outstanding Kings & Queens has a vision for effecting systemic change. Part of that vision includes showing up to important public hearings. For instance, on May 10th they traveled to New Orleans for the State Supreme Court hearings on the retroactivity of 10/2. The nation has drawn a bright line, they have made unanimous jury verdicts mandatory in criminal cases, but have left it up to the states to decide whether people currently incarcerated on these unconstitutional convictions deserve relief.

After Incarceration would like to empower this group of people, each with a unique perspective on the human costs of incarceration, to travel the state and talk about the real-life impact of racialized laws. Their voice is essential. It can crack the code, pull back the veil, and lay bare the skeleton of white supremacy for burial. Let’s help them.