About A New Moon is Rising!

Cultural events require community underwriting to pay for online fees, graphics, advertising, technical consulting, general infrastructure, and faculty payroll. Much of this is collected when registration fees start coming in, but funds are needed both up front and between events to keep the virtual infrastructure in place year-round.

Your contributions will allow Dulcimoon to get up to speed and provide the kind of experience you expect from music education professionals! If all goes as planned, we'll have the funds necessary to present the festival and keep some funds available during the year for ads, updated graphics, and all that is useful to connect with our participants and potential participants.

The good news is that, through our Fiscal Sponsor, Intersection for the Arts, you are able to make tax-deductible donations! Through Flipcause, their fundraising platform, we also have a website team at our service who's only fee is a portion of what you donate!

Example art of the sticker and engraved wooden pick box you can receive with your contribution