About ASFL Challenge Massachusetts 2022

Welcome to the ASFL Challenge online fundraising platform! We raise the money both offline through checks and online for the ASFL Challenge through this page for all of the shooters in our program. To donate in the name of a specific shooter, simply comment their name when making a donation. 

The A Shot For Life Challenge is a hybrid of a highly competitive basketball event and a fundraiser. The money raised by the ASFL Challenge benefits brain cancer research at the Massachusetts General Hospital Dr. Curry Research Lab. 

Specifically, we fund an immunotherapy trial where Dr. Curry extracts cancer cells, manipulates them, and then reinjects those cells back into the patient. He has been published in a neuro-oncology journal for his findings that A Shot For Life funded. The funds from this event will be used to further his research and continue the trials that we have been funding since 2011. 

To be a shooter selected into the A Shot For Life Challenge is a long and competitive process. Players are scouted throughout the season and then moved to an interview phase. While many of our events are open to anyone, the ASFL Challenge is not one of them. Each of our players is highly talented and displays great character off of the floor. Each player has committed to raising money as a part of being in our program which speaks volumes about who they are. 

The event will take place on August 7th at the Starland Sportsplex in Hanover. The winner of the event is officially named "The Best Shooter in Massachusetts". 

All donations are tax deductible through our Tax ID number: 46-2867457