Thank you for checking our MULTIPLY 2022: BUILDING TOGETHER

This year we are doing something a little different. This year we are focusing on community, working together for a common goal, looking for ways to connect over common interests to raise funds for a common cause. 

MULTIPLY 2022: BUILDING TOGETHER is about taking a step of faith to continue the work of the Bridging the Gap Ministry Center and now, this year, launching a Child Development Center that will provide mentoring and tutoring to students in our community. (See below for info). Last summer, we didn’t reach our goal, but over the course of the year, more money has come in, and we are much closer now. This year could be the year that the dream becomes a reality. 

Here you will find many ways to contribute to the Bridging the Gap Ministry Center and the Child Development Center. 

Search through the multiple projects and products below to find out how you can help –sponsor someone, purchase something, start your own thing. Everything goes toward truly making a difference in the lives of the people of our community – the Old Town community of Winston-Salem.

Goal: $25,000 (Ministry Center - $17,500/Child Development Program - $7,500)

 Questions? [email protected] End Date: Donations still being accepted

Key Dates:


June 12: Launch – Phase 1: Prayer & Preparation – Receive $100 and begin dreaming & planning 

July 1: Launch – Phase 2: Fundraising and Online Store Open – Projects begin 

September 11: Monies Due 

September 18: Celebration: Total Revealed

The Bridging the Gap Center The Bridging the Gap Center is a place where the community comes together to work to break the cycle of poverty in Winston-Salem through a Christ-centered approach that meets the physical, emotional, spiritual and academic needs of our community. It currently consists of a food pantry that provides food for hundreds monthly, a clothes closet, and a backpack program to provide elementary students with food for the weekends. The BTG Child Development Program

… bringing hope to our community one child at a time

The BTG Child Development Program (CDP) will exist to help children in our area reach their full potential in Jesus’ Name. 

  • Living by core values including love for others, respect for all, hard work, responsibility, generosity, and service.
  • Developing and demonstrating a strong, moral character.
  • Finding and fulfilling their life purpose.

The BTG Child Development Program will include… 

  •  After school and summer enrichment programs and activities to provide tutoring, mentoring, social development, emotional support, health and wellness education & facilitation, and spiritual growth.
  • Ongoing family support through building relationships, training for parents and caregivers, and help in navigating the many support services offered in our community and beyond.