About EFTE-ARE online donation

Eating for the Ecosystem – Applied Research and Education (EFTE-ARE) is dedicated to strengthening our ecosystems by cultivating stronger people-plant relationships.  We increase access to green spaces, improve food security, and care for plant communities by offering learning and skill-building opportunities in cultivation and stewardship. We know that environmental, social, and economic wellbeing are inextricably linked, and explore these links through our work.

EFTE-ARE operates at the crossroads of research, education, and practice in plant health care and related fields.  We create a bridge between the latest research about the causes and consequences of ecological devastation and the daily practices employed by gardeners, landscapers, and arborists.

We aim to be a trusted and accessible source for ecosystem-friendly approaches and practices, both online and on-site. Our hands-on programming provides learning opportunities through community greening and food cultivation initiatives. We also offer active education for current and aspiring practitioners, with research-based techniques presented in environments where the skills can be immediately practiced.

EFTE-ARE participates in FNC Philly's Nurturing Emerging Community Visionaries program; FNC Philly is our fiscal sponsor.