About The Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund

Dear All,
I am currently on the Advisory Board of Directors for a young non profit organization called Aaron’s Presents. The Aaron’s Presents organization was created to honor the life and memory of a child, Aaron, by giving other children the opportunity to do something positive in the world for their own lives. These individual acts of kindness are “Presents” given to our communities. Aaron’s Presents is an innovative grants program specifically designed for children in 8th grade or below. The goal of the program is to equip and empower these children to think outside of themselves in order to develop an idea, request grant funding and execute a project that impacts others in a positive way. Aaron’s Presents provides support, communication and resources to maximize successful completion of the selected projects by the children. You can learn more about Aaron’s Presents at

Today, I am happy to announce the establishment of The Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund. For those of you that knew Dr. Alan Metwally, you know how he gave himself generously to the world and was an incredible man that we all miss dearly. This fund will honor that generosity and ensure his presence will continue to be felt in the world. This fund will give young children a unique opportunity to apply for a grant in order to carry out projects for the benefit of others. Through these projects and the numerous people they will positively impact, Dr. Metwally’s legacy will live on. As an Advisory Board member for Aaron’s Presents, I will oversee this fund personally. 100% of this fund will go to purchasing materials and services to support the children and their projects. Aaron's Presents will post links to each project funded by The Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund so that each of you can learn more about the kids who are being touched by Dr. Metwally's life and what they are doing to make a positive difference in the world.

I would appreciate your support in contributing to this fund. This fund will have no time limit and can be contributed to at any time. It is my personal goal to support this fund for many years to come through my personal contributions and through the contributions of people like yourselves. Funding of projects will begin each September and each project on average costs about $250 (this can also be viewed as $100/participant or $2/community member directly impacted). We have a great opportunity to scale and touch many people through this honorary fund. Please consider a gift of any amount.

It is truly my honor to announce The Dr. Alan Metwally Presents Fund. He was very special to me and I hope you will join me in honoring this incredible man through this incredible cause. I have limited contact information, so please share this communication with anyone you know as well as on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and any other means you see as appropriate.

Thank you for your support,
Fabio Malagisi
June 2014