About Ongoing Donations

Welcome to our General Donation page!

We are so very grateful you are interested in supporting Shana Simmons Dance. The arts (and specifically the dance arts) are in need of financial love at all times... your donation helps provide:

-Monthly Dancer Stipends (so we can rehearse more!)

-Administrative Stipends...this entails:

grant writing

marketing (these websites/social media posts don't create themselves!)

communicating with donors via email, finding fun things for you to read/watch, thanking you!

financial operations (PAYING PEOPLE, organizing funds/reports, etc)

-Rental Fees (from rehearsals to productions, DANCERS NEED SPACE!)

-Offering our educational programs (this helps subsidize costs for students)

If you would like to consider becoming a more regular supporter, please sign up for our "Monthly Donations" or "Yearly Donations" tier! For more information, visit