About 2023 Home Buyers Grant Program

In order to meet our goal of giving out 10 Homebuyers Grants in 2023, we need your help. We’re hoping to raise $25,000 dollars, all of which will go directly to veterans in order for them to secure housing.

We believe that when a Veteran is able to become a homeowner, they are better equipped to handle the many challenges that often plague our Veteran community as they make the transition from service to civilian life. Most Veterans see homeownership as a good financial investment that also brings feelings of stability, security, and pride.  We know that Veterans who do become homeowners, are less likely to face mental health challenges and are able to grow their financial wealth for themselves and their families.


This is why we stress the importance of homeownership to our local Veteran community and raise funds and develop programs that help Veterans achieve this goal. It’s truly a life changing moment when they can accomplish this.