About Support Mohamed's Cleanup Efforts


Mohamed, our newest global ambassador, is working to cleanup local beaches and raise awareness for cleaner oceans!

Mohamed started his Ocean Plastics Project in March 2021. His first beach clean up, in the Mahera beach community, has eighteen volunteers and collected 298 kg (656 lbs) of ocean bound plastics. Since then now, the group has done various beach cleaning events for the past year and are presently trying to establish efforts within five coastal communities: Mahera beach, Masilmany wharf, bailor wharf, Mama beach an Kissi town wharf.

The group, led by Mohamed, is working tirelessly to construct some PLASTICS PARKING POINTS for the benefits of securing and maintaining  collected ocean plastics.

Since March 2021, Mohamed and his team of volunteers have collected over 2,178 kg (4,802 lbs).

Mohamed mission is to focus on beach cleaning, communities outreaching, schools educational teaching program an agricultural activities.

We are currently working to raise funds for cleanup supplies to help Mohamed and his team.