About 2024 Expo Sponsorship Opportunities

The Eat Local and Organic Expo is an annual event held in spring to kick off farmers market season and promote local and organic farmers, ranchers and artisans who are vital to our region’s local food system. The largest farmers market in the area, the Expo gives farmers the chance to make an average $1,000 in sales to give them a financial boost as they head into a busy market season. KC Food Circle™ farmers create eye-popping displays of their products as well as their pledge to maintain high growing standards.

The Expo began in 1988 and was led by a group of food advocates and local and organic farmers and ranchers who formed the KC Food Circle. In 2019, KC Healthy Kids adopted the volunteer-led effort. We preserved the integrity of KC Food Circle pledges, and are leveraging our partnerships with area restaurants, schools and other institutions to help farmers increase their income.

Our Values 

The best partnerships result when the mission and values of sponsors and nonprofits align. KC Food Circle farmers pledge to high standards for growing produce, raising animals and keeping bees, and they all use organic practices. If your organization values a strong local food economy, soil health, community, diversity and inclusion, we'd love to partner with you.

Your Goals 

The Expo is a great place to engage with people who care about the food they eat and the community that surrounds them. More than 2,000 Farmers, vendors, volunteers and shoppers gather for the Expo. They include: 

  • Farmers, entrepreneurs & small business owners.
  • Families with young children.
  • Kids (pre-K and elementary school age)

As a sponsor, you can expand your reach, grow your brand's awareness, embrace a new role in the community or stand out from the competition. The Expo is an experience people will associate positively with your brand, and you can make meaningful connections by providing Expo-goers with engaging on-site activities, perks and discounts. Ask about long term exposure through year-long integration.


The Expo garners earned and paid media exposure including digital, social, broadcast and outdoor content resulting in more than 2.5 million impressions. Here are some highlights:

  • Feast Magazine’s Weekend Roundup: 1.5 million digital page views
  • Billboard advertising: 15 spots with nearly one million weekly impressions per spot based on total population. The spots ran for 7 weeks leading up to the Expo. 
  • In addition, nearly 60 farmers and community partners promoted the event.

We need your help! 

Your sponsorship helps KC Healthy Kids pay for things grants don't always cover, like staff time, supplies, service contracts and more. These are 100% necessary to achieve our mission. To show our thanks, we'll recognize your partnership on the Expo Wall of Fame and with logo or name placement according to the levels below in digital marketing and onsite materials. This is in addition to the recognition outlined in the description of the following opportunities.

Contact Danielle Robbins-Gregory, President/CEO, KC Healthy Kids [email protected].