About Support Prison Yoga Outreach

Sarahjoy has been teaching yoga in Oregon’s prisons since 1998. We’ve trained 1000s of volunteers over these decades to support and help us sustain these programs. In 2015, we began teaching the adults in custody to become certified yoga teachers on the inside. This has added tremendous capacity for these inside programs as well as empowering the inside community to make a difference in the place where they live.

HELP US BRING YOGA TRAINING TO 341+ Facilities throughout the USA!

We are partnering with Edovo Foundation to bring our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program to over 341 facilities in the US. Adults in custody will have access to our entire 200hr Yoga Teacher Training online curriculum, our Trauma-Informed, Brain-Sensitive (TIBS) Yoga Training, and our Prison Yoga Dharma Library. You can help us make this possible with a generous donation today.

We have a Matching Grant for this project. Your donation will be matched up to $10,000.