About Locked Away - Working Dogs Waiting For Rescue

Around the world, Working Dogs who faithfully served are locked away!

With your help, over 1300 working dogs have been rescued by Mission K9 from countries like Kuwait, Iraq, Guam, Japan, Spain, Greece, Bosnia, Japan and Afghanistan. Over 675 have been reunited with the handlers they served with! These brave hero dogs searched cargo and equipment for bombs and drugs to keep us safe at home and abroad. They patrolled the toughest parts of the globe. 

When retired, many of these working dogs get little to no exercise and live in deplorable conditions. Illness and disease are their reality. 
The older dogs are the first to suffer and need to be taken out of the kennel and into a loving home. Many are truly waiting for a miracle. Mission K9 Rescue stands ready to bring them home

We have more than 35 dogs in our care now, in various stages of readiness for adoption. Their monthly care is costly, as are the medical bills, as we insure their health and well-being. Your financial help toward their care and keeping is so important for us. It enables us to give them the very best of everything. After all, they have earned it!

Ten Years of Success in Rescue

Since 2013, Mission K9 has rescued over 1300 working dogs worldwide.
Mission K9 has reunited 675 Military Working Dogs with their former handlers.
Over $2,000,000 has been paid in Veterinary Care
Over 90% of every donation goes directly to our work.

Your help in giving makes you a valued team member. We welcome your questions and thank you for your support!

Kristen Maurer, Founder/President along with the entire MK9 Team

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We've rescued working dogs from situations just like this!

Great people just like you are making the difference between working dogs being rescued and adopted or simply forgotten!

Mission K9 Rescue transforms these dogs while in our care. They are rehabilitated, enriched, and those that will not go to former handlers are prepared to be adopted into loving homes.

The cost to transport a working dog from overseas starts at $1500 and can exceed $6000 from locations like Japan and Guam. This applies to Military Working Dogs too! The military does not cover the cost and seldom provides transport for dogs retired overseas, and does not provide any ongoing healthcare. The cost of the vet care they will need is always unknown until they are evaluated. They all receive a high-quality diet personally tailored to each dog.

The Collective "WE" makes all this possible - Your Donation Brings Dogs Home!

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A recent supporter commented, "Had I known how much these dogs suffered, I would have given more!"

We need your financial help to bring more dogs home now – Thank you so much for donating!

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