About 8 Keys to Breakthrough-Victory in Your Marriage

This video course includes 9 sessions of approximately 50- minute teachings by Joe and Stephanie DeMott to be a blessing to married couples. You can implement it in your church, or in homes, or both! The video course can be used in small groups, large groups, training centers, or just for individual couples. The course includes interactive exercises for the couples in each lesson.


If you want to use the course as a facilitator couple that would be great. Contact us if you need help or instruction.


We recommend you also request a manual for each couple so they can complete those exercises as well as the “Treasured Time Together” Homework after each lesson and study the scriptures provided in the manual.

Before you begin PRAY! Pray together before every Key and every interactive as well as while you are doing your homework.

Our lessons:

·      The Journey Ahead (introduction, foundation, and parental blessing)

  • Key One: Walking in Unity (walking in the fullness of your One Flesh)
  • Key Two: Covenant (the importance of understanding that marriage is a Covenant)
  • Key Three: Living in Forgiveness (living in forgiveness in your marriage)
  • Key Four: Growing Together (flowing in unity through praying together)
  • Key Five: Victorious Living (protecting your marriage through spiritual warfare)
  • Key Six: United in Love (true intimacy in your marriage)
  • Key Seven: Breaking Free (establishing blessing, breaking generational curses)
  • Key Eight: Value of Multiplication (multiplying Jesus in your marriage)


We request an $118 offering for unlimited access to the video course, which includes one "8 Keys to Breakthrough" manual.

$18 offering per "8 Keys to Breakthrough" manual for more participants.