About Scott Cohen's Mitzvah Project

Hello, my name is Scott Cohen and for my bar mitzvah project I am trying to raise $3,600 for a sports wheelchair for the Israel ParaSport Center. I love to play basketball, and so do many other people around the world. But unfortunately, some adults and children can’t play basketball or another sport that they love because of a disability or a permanent injury. Thankfully, the Center exists because anyone with a disability or injury can come to the Center not just to play the sport they love but also to become stronger and gain confidence. This is why I decided to raise money for the Israel ParaSport Center.

This past summer, I visited the Center in Ramat Gan with my parents and brother. I was saddened to see people struggling to do something I do easily (like throwing a ball). I was also impressed by the disabled athletes I met and heard about who compete and win internationally in table tennis, swimming, tennis, basketball, and other sports. The experience made me grateful for the capabilities that I have and glad that the Center exists.

During our visit, I got to play table tennis with Rina Ashkenazi, a Center table tennis coach and European Championship bronze medalist. I had the most fun playing wheelchair basketball. It was challenging and gave me an appreciation for how challenging it is to play in a wheelchair.

Please make a donation to help me raise money for Israel ParaSport Center. I am also making and selling Perler bead magnets and keychains. One hundred percent of what I raise will go towards supporting my bar mitzvah project.

Thank you,