About GIVE 11 Honoring Olivias 11th Birthday

Olivia Caldwell should be turning 11 years old along with her twin brother, Wyatt, on February 19, 2023. Instead, she only celebrated one birthday, her first, before brain cancer stole her life at 20 months old in October 2013.

Each year we ask people to help us honor Olivia's birthday by doing one of the following:

-Donating the amount equivalent to the year she would be turning if she was still alive ($11 this year)

-Expand the impact of our Give 11 campaign and help create awareness for pediatric cancer research by spreading some kindness. If you would like to participate, we ask that your Give 11 include spreading kindness to 11 people.

-NEW THIS YEAR. Enroll in monthly donations of $11 dollars for 11 months consecutively.

Can you give $11 and/or spread kindness to 11 people and help us honor Olivia on her 11th birthday?

For less than the cost of one fast food meal you can help us not only honor a very special little girl but also find a cure for pediatric cancer AND bring expert care from Children's Hospital Colorado to Wyoming kids at the new Pediatric Specialty Outreach Clinic in Casper! 

In honor of Wyatt & Olivia's 11th birthday we are asking all of our donors to give a one-time gift of $11 or to set up a monthly giving of $11 to show your support. To participate in the Give 11 Kindness, please register as a volunteer so we can track how much kindness was spread in her honor!

Learn more about Olivia's story and the Olivia Caldwell Foundation by visiting

Thank you for your support! And for helping us honor the memory of a very special little girl!