About Pittsburgh Marathon 2023

Running for THEIR Lives!

Sexual exploitation occurs worldwide, ensnaring women in lives of quiet misery.  While most of us are familiar with this happening through trafficking, some exploitation is a result of the dual forces of poverty and cultural norms. The best ways we at NVI have found to rescue women trapped by these forces are to: 1) help them meet Jesus, so they have a Godly basis, usually respected by local men, for breaking away; and 2) provide training and resources to help them start small businesses, so they need not be subject to exploitative cultural practices.

At NVI, helping rescue women from this misery is one of our driving passions.


NVI's mission is to give people and communities tools and resources to get themselves out of poverty and its debilitating lifestyle, especially those who are vulnerable or exploited.  We are active in Kenya, the Ivory Coast, and Ethiopia, and will be opening in Uganda in 2020.

Your support will help.