About Black Man Brutally Beaten by Maricopa Sheriffs

Cody Jermaine Toussaint is his name. The incident occurred on 4/20/2021 at Watkins Jailhouse during inmate intake. Two sheriffs were walking Cody to a cell while he was handcuffed and unable to stand or walk properly because his pants were falling down due to having his belt taken during processing. He asked the sheriffs to pull up his pants multiple times so that he could walk and not be dragged, but he was instead punched and slammed to the floor with excessive force. Cody received punches and knees to his side, with the sheriffs applying their weight to his back, causing him difficulty breathing. During the altercation, he did not resist and wasn't given the opportunity to plead with the sheriffs.

Physical and Mental Injuries due to this incident:

  • Cody has lost significant mobility in his arms and hands and has new breathing problems.
  • He has a Baker’s cyst, and swelling developed in his right knee, causing knee buckling and making walking and standing difficult.
  • He cannot even carry milk from the car to home.
  • As a man who has worked constantly to provide for his family, staying still and relying on others has really taken a toll on his mental health.
  • He cannot play catch or football with his kids.
  • He now has to see so many specialists and has so many appointments that it can be up to 6 appointments in one week.

Donate to help Cody with his living expenses as he is newly disabled. He is unable to work due to the physical and mental injuries suffered during this incident. He's also paying litigation fees while juggling multiple doctor's visits and their costs. Any amount, large or small, helps. Thank you!