About Appalachian Cinderella

Set on an idyllic Appalachian farm filled with lovely buttercups and daisies, a magnificent sunflower, beautiful bluebirds, pink piglets, squawking chickens, adorable cow & bull, and a stubborn donkey, Appalachian Cinderella tells the tale of Ella-Mae. When her father, Jack “Pa” Daniels, is carted off to the “Big House” for making hooch, she is left alone with her horrid stepmother and stepsisters. Her only comfort is resourceful Granny.

Treated poorly and excluded by her stepfamily from a dance given in honor the arrival of Jake “Da Prince” Charming, Ella-Mae and Granny find a way for her to attend and shine on the dance floor, capturing first the eye and then the heart of Jake. When the police arrive at the scene, Granny whisks Ella-Mae away from trouble. Jake searches high and low in Deadman’s Holler until he finds Ella-Mae and makes all her dreams come true.