About BB4B Instructor Core Training - 11 & 12 Nov 2023

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BB4B Core Curriculum Training on 11 November:

The goal of this training is to share our curriculum and methods, which you can then 1) teach as a BB4B instructor to YOUR neighborhood or community or 2) incorporate into your practice! You receive:
Instruction in the key criteria of balance and falls prevention, based in the latest evidence and therapeutic principles. 
Instruction in basic dances and balance practice and how to break them into basics.
Instruction in guarding and safe mobility.
Training in administering balance, cognitive and quality of life tests.
Orientation and access to curriculum, forms, policies and procedures.
Assistance in setting up a class.

1.  Be a health care professional, fitness instructor, dancer/dance instructor, senior health specialist, other as agreed upon by you and us! 
2.  Course Preparation work (reading, short quizzes) required in advance. 
3.  Proof of current CPR status

BB4B Inclusive Curriculum Training on 12 November has the same goals. AND: 

Mission of BB4B - Inclusive:
"A fun and inclusive class using the basics of dance that aims to improve balance/postural control,  prevent falls, reduce injury, foster inclusion and participation -- tailored for individual needs.”

1.  Have a CLEARLY STATED GOAL, setting, and target ADULT audience for a tailored training you wish to create and teach. Examples of target audiences/settings:
--Seated (primarily)
--Brain health
--Gentle movement
--Using assistive devices
--Post-surgical or injury
--Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facilities
--Dancers and their Caregivers
--Your Idea Here!  
2.  Demonstrated ability to teach or assist in BB4B (or other dance/balance) class OR attendance at the BB4B Core Curriculum Training. Eight hours' experience or more.