About Empowering-U Omaha, Nebraska

You're invited to Empowering-U Omaha! This event is hosted by University of Nebraska Medical Center, Nebraska Center for Women's Health Research and is presented by The Fibroid Foundation!

Join us for this special presentation focusing on the physician and patient dialogue to improve shared decision-making and learn about the latest therapies, information, and resources available for reproductive health challenges and fibroid research. Sateria Venable, the Founder/CEO of The Fibroid Foundation, will be joined by Dr. Karen Carlson, Associate Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vice-Chair of Student and Community Education at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They will discuss fibroid symptoms and treatment options while offering ways to enhance communication and shared decision-making between Patients and Health Care Professionals. Sateria will also discuss the latest fibroid research with Dr. Jitu George, a Faculty Researcher, and Instructor at University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Speakers Include:

Dr. Karen Carlson: Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology | University of Nebraska Medical Center

Dr. Jitu George: Instructor and Scientist, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology | University of Nebraska Medical Center

Sateria Venable: Founder and CEO | The Fibroid Foundation

Brooke Summers: Radio Personality | The Fibroid Foundation Omaha, NE Chapter Ambassador

Things to Know:

Knowledge is Empowering! Don't miss out; register today - tickets are complimentary, but spots are limitedLunch will be provided!

About the Fibroid Foundation:

The Fibroid Foundation is an advocacy, research, and resource organization helping to erase menstrual shame, teach women self-care, educate medical professionals on the patient's voice, and provide the latest information on non-invasive treatments for fibroid and uterine health. We champion legislative changes to advance health equity for women and support research to cure fibroids. Please visit for more information.