About Eva Hara's Mitzvah Project

My name is Eva Hara and I am 12 years old. My Bat Mitzvah is coming up and I chose the Israel ParaSport Center as my volunteering project.

I love basketball so much. I play on 2 teams in my hometown and spend every minute of my free time either practicing or watching my favorite teams on TV. When I watched the Paralympics in the summer of 2021, (my favorite event was wheelchair basketball) I was introduced to a new aspect of sports.

I think that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of the game. I’m especially amazed by the perseverance and dedication of the athletes who play, despite a physical disability or permanent injury. I love how their passion for the sport is stronger than any challenges that might separate them from other athletes.

I’m also proud of my Israeli heritage. My Mom was born in Israel and we are excited that the Center is associated with a place that is special to our family.

I’m happy to be partnering with the Israel ParaSort Center to create a meaningful Bat Mitzvah project.