About 2023 Annual Meeting and Championship

1st WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP – Cooper Division 

June 18 - June 22, 2023
Whispering Woods Golf Club, Erie, PA
“Voted to 5 Golf Courses in PA by

Tournament Week Agenda:
Sun., June 18

Practice rounds are available.  

Mon., June 19

8:00 am – Annual Meeting – Members Only.

10:00 am - 1st Qualifying Round – 18 Holes Stroke Play.

Tues., June 20

8:00 am - 2nd Qualifying Round – 18 Holes Stroke Play.

6:00 pm - Pairings Party - Jr’s Included - Dinner provided.

Wed., June 21

8:00 am - Quarter Final Championship Matches - Top 8 players in Getchell, Fullgraf, Sanders Divisions – Cooper Division to be determined

by # of registered players; 1st Round Jr Championship; NQ Cup Competition for Players not in match play.

2:00 pm – Jr Clinic – Driving range!

Thur., June 22

8:00 am - Semi Final Matches; 2nd Round Jr Championship; 2-person Shoot-Out for Players not in match play.

1:30 pm - Final Matches.

6:30 pm - Awards Banquet - full dinner provided.

Fri., June 23
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Registration Fee & Accommodations

Reservation Options

Member Participant = $300.00 (Four rounds of golf, Monday breakfast, Pairings party dinner & Thursday Awards dinner).
Women’s Division = $0.00 (Entry fee covered, reimbursement for hotel and travel will be determined by # of women registering).
Jr AM&C participant = $0.00 Jr and one parent included. Dinner Tuesday, golf Wed & Thurs, awards dinner Thursday evening.
Fundraise for registration AM&C participant = $0.00 (Members can register for $0.00 and then fundraise for the registration fee. Register first and then create your own personalized fundraising page by selecting “Become a Fundraiser.” Balance is the members' responsibility, and full amount is due prior to teeing off Monday!).
Guest fee: = $60.00 (spouse or friend attending pairings party and awards dinner).

Package includes:
  • 4 Rounds of golf.
  • Annual Meeting Breakfast, Pairings Party Dinner & Awards Dinner.
  • Tournament Shirt.
  • Hospitality Suite – Hotel is planned to be at the Hampton Inn.
Extra Golf: Call 814-838-9942 to book!
  • Sat or Sun after 2:00 pm -$39.00
  • Sat or Sun before 2:00 pm - $59.00

Hotel – We have two choices this year.

Both hotels are less than 4 miles to the golf course.

Courtyard by Marriot - $139.00 USD per night - Marriot Courtyard - Book Here!
Hampton Inn - $169.00 USD per night - Hampton Inn - Book Here!

****If you want to register for additional hotel dates, please book the room with group dates selected! Then email: [email protected] with additional dates needed.

Deadline to book rooms at group price - June 2nd, 2023.

Tournament Information

Getchell Division (Unassisted): G4 - One hand only touching a club for any golf stroke.
Fullgraf Division (Assisted): G5 - Use of anything in addition to one hand touching club for any golf stroke.
Cooper Division (Women): Assisted and Unassisted – format will be determined by # of registered participants. Likely a match play component will be used.
*Getchell, Fullgraf, and Cooper Divisions will be played without a handicap index.
Sanders Division (Net): Assisted & Unassisted players can play in this division. Tournament handicap is computed from player's USGA GHIN Index. Players that do not have a verified Official USGA GHIN or state handicap will play as a “0”! The net division is recommended for players with a GHIN index higher than 18 but not mandatory.

Approximate Yardages for Championships:
Getchell & Fullgraf - 6000 yrds.
Cooper and Sanders – 5000 yrds.
Jr’s – TBD, but about 5000 or less, depending on age.

Scores will be reported to the USAGR & WR4GD ranking systems.

You must declare Division you intend to play for registration but can change prior to teeing off Monday.

Monday and Tuesday (1st & 2nd Round Qualifying) will be 18 Holes Stroke Play each day, with the top 8 scorers in three separate divisions, Getchell (Unassisted), Fullgraf (Assisted) and Sanders (Net), qualifying for Match Play Brackets that are played Wednesday & Thursday to decide the divisional champions. The Never Quit (NQ) Cup is for all non-qualifiers or, as we say, Never Quitters to be played on Wednesday morning! On Thursday morning, the Semi-final matches are played, as well as 2-Person Shootout. On Thursday afternoon, all play will be complete except for the Finals matches in each division! All participants and guests are encouraged to join and follow the final matches!

The NQ Cup is for the players that do not finish in the Top 8 of their respective divisions during Qualifying on Monday & Tuesday and consist of 18-hole stroke play with each player using an Adjusted handicap. The 2-Person Shootout will be a Scramble Front 9/Modified alternate Shot Back 9. The Shootout is for those NOT in the championship divisional semi-finals and will pair the players based on their scores from the 1st and 2nd qualifying rounds using their Adjusted handicaps.

“Adjusted” golf handicap is an amended course handicap that consists of the midpoint between your initial course handicap and the average number of strokes over par you shoot on Monday & Tuesday. For example, if your initial course handicap is a 20 and you average 30 over par in Rounds 1 & 2, your new adjusted handicap for Wednesday & Thursday will be 25. If you do not have an initial course handicap, your adjusted handicap will be the average of a 0 handicap, and your two qualifying round scores over par. Max Adjusted handicap of 36 for men, and 40 for women.

For additional information or questions, Dan Aldrich, President: 818-636-8109 or [email protected]

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