About Request for TNR & Community Cat Assistance

We offer free TNR services. We work with low cost clinics for Spay and Neuter services for our community and feral cats.  If you have cats in your area needing spayed or neutered or you need help with trapping them please fill out the form below after reading this information. We are a volunteer based program and operate solely on donations to run our program.

We also serve the community with education and the tools to further the TNR program and feral cat needs. We have traps available to the public for trapping without assistance. We also can do a one on one brief training on how to use the traps, bait techniques and other valuable information to make your trapping safe and successful

All Community/Feral cats that are trapped will be:


Rabies Vaccinated

Antibiotic Treatment

Flea Treatment

Mandatory Ear Tip (for identification purpose)

And all cats will be returned to their trapped area in which they call "home".

***We only relocate when its absolutely necessary, our evaluation will determine if they need relocated. We also are only able to relocate as barn homes or other necessary placements are available.

Unfortunately, we do not relocate due to wild animals in the area, unhappy with their presence in your area or other reasons outside of our guidelines. Feral cats that live in barn homes etc unfortunately have to live with many wildlife animals and survive in these situations.

We also do not have enough barns or places to put all the community and feral cats we have in our county.

If you would like to help reduce the number of stray and free roaming (community/feral) cats in your area Spay/Neuter is the only answer to decrease the amount of cats and combat cat over population.  Our services are free, however if you are able to make a donation to further our cause and help others in need for our services, we would greatly appreciate it.   Please share with others that this program is available for Hendricks County residents caring for community cats.


We do NOT trap during weather below 40 degrees. If is unsafe for the cats to recover safely in low temperatures.

*We may also have a wait list at times during our busiest season, so your patience is greatly appreciated until we get to you.