About A VIP Day with Jackie Bailey

A VIP Day with Jackie Bailey

Comprehensive conversations to craft your champion message

Coaching investment is a U.S. 100% tax-deductible donation to The Speak Feed Lead Project*

In just 1.5 days you will have:

1.    A uniquely-yours-message suitable for keynoting, TEDx, profitable programs, and/or workshops
2.    Received focused and direct feedback from a speech champion, TEDx, professional keynoter, and profitable program/workshop creator, Jackie Bailey
3.    A library of custom resources, links, personal assets, head shots, speech recordings, etc. that are "copy & paste" ready for speaker proposals
4.    Experienced much needed down time with a luxurious spa treatment 

~Clients will spend 8 focused hours with Jackie Bailey at a mutually convenient location

~Clients will have air fare covered if travel is necessary

~Clients will be treated to one lunch, and one dinner

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VIP Day with Jackie can take place anywhere in the world - close to where you live, where Jackie lives, or at a resort destination of mutual choice. Many of these VIP days occur before or after your vacation, work-related travel trip, or a conference you're attending. Be treated like a VIP at your convenience, and come away with your profitable message ready to present.

VIP Day with Jackie includes 1 hour-long follow-up virtual session, and 2 30-minute follow-up virtual sessions

Make 2024 the year you get on that dream stage giving the message your whole life has been preparing you for! Financing is available at low to no interest! Talk with Jackie for more details Schedule Here

*The investment in yourself is a 100% tax-deductible, non-refundable contribution to The Speak Feed Lead Project and will support an investment in programs for children of low-income and marginalized communities.

Read what a client has to say:

I am Sharon Jessop from South Africa, and I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Jackie Bailey in preparation for my recent TEDx talk.


Not only is Jackie an incredible speaking coach but I felt like she was as invested in my talk as I was, and I always looked forward to my sessions with her as she was friendly, supportive, and just simply amazing.


Jackie has an outstanding way with words, and she simply didn’t give up honing and sharpening the talk until we were both completely satisfied with it. I tend to be too long-winded, and Jackie truly helped me extract the core message of my talk and helped me get rid of unnecessary words and fillers that can potentially distract from my message.


Another important lesson I learnt from Jackie is to slow my speaking down and make use of pauses, different tones, and hand gestures to add impact to my overall message. The coaching I received from Jackie will assist me with my speaking career going forward and I will continue implementing and applying all the principles and tips received from Jackie into all my talks. Her coaching was life-changing for me and a game changer in my business.


I will recommend Jackie a speaking coach to anyone wanting to hone their speaking skills as Jackie is an amazing relatable coach who makes you feel good about yourself and your message. I never at any point felt like my talk was not relevant or good enough as Jackie makes you feel and believe that you can conquer the world with her coaching on your side. She is not only an excellent coach but also a good, kind human being and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with her.