About SPONSOR Blanc Chrismaella

This is Blanc Chrismaella.  She is 6 years old and in our 3rd level of Kindergarten.  She may look familiar because her brother Rodriguez is one of the boys living in our home.  She is bubbly and fun.  Blanc is very much like her brother in her desire to do well in school.  She is very smart and looks to please her teachers.  She also loves her brother and the time she gets with him each day at school. 

Her mother provides as she can.  They live in the poorest area of Carrefour, the sea side, in a small wood and metal structure covered by a few tarps.  It sits on the edge of the Beach that has been built out into the Sea on tires and trash.  It is not a pretty sigh, but their mother is doing the best she can.  She volunteers at OFHM as needed.  In fact, she is the one parent that comes regularly to visit her son Rodriguez.  Her husband is not around to help her. 

Please pray for Blanc and her family. 

Consider partnering with us and investing in her future.  She is a wonderful child of God. 

An $8.50 per Month Recurring Donation provides for 1 year at Our father's House Mission School.

Thank you and May God Bless You!